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Here's what patients are saying...

 "The benefits of acupuncture have nourished , and continue to do so, my whole being. Chrysalis Bodywork is a most fitting name for Kelly's practice because I have surely experienced a healing change throughout my body.
 I first turned to acupuncture with debilitating shoulder pain and restriction of movement caused by a situation of repetitive strenuous pulling. At our first appointment Kelly devoted concentrated time with professional focus on the various aspects of the overall status of my health. Kelly has always impressed me with her "listening ear" and insightfully distinguishing my symptoms and concerns so that she may be exact in her work.  During this initial session I realized that I acutally had several areas that through the years of wear and tear I learned to live with. These included serious hip and knee pain and, having been an avid walker for over 25 years, thought I had worn down the cartilage. I had residual shoulder pain from a previous accident; inability to lift a leg resulting from back disc sprain; numbness in toes and fingers diagnosed by my doctor as Reynaud's syndrome; fatigue; and ongoing digestive and bladder problems. These, as well as others, have all been either eliminated, some in one session, or greatly reduced through Kelly's work. The pain and discomfort that I thought I just had to "learn to live with" have been taken away. I believe that with the acupuncture I was able to avoid an invasive procedure for that injured shoulder as it was restored to complete mobility and strength with cessation of pain through our sessions. I continue to turn to Kelly for her aid in enabling me to be in optimal health for my pursuits in life through this most natural way.
I am so very grateful to Kelly for through her knowledge, understanding and mastery of the science of acupuncture and with her respect and sincerity in caring, my total self has been restored to a feeling of well-being, lifted spirits, balance, and vigor. My words fall short in expressing the enthusiasm I feel for my good fortune of the healing acupuncture experience at Chrysalis Bodywork."
Patty G - Retired School Teacher, Butler, PA
"Through the services of Kelly's acupuncture I have achieved more mobility and less pain while walking. I have an optimistic attitude, less knee and neuropathy discomfort which has now enabled me to resume more activities. The acupuncture experience has improved the quality of my life. Thanks Kelly!"
H.T.T. - Retired - Butler, PA
"Thank you! Acupuncture and massage have benefitted me tremendously. I believe that my recovery from a February fall was much quicker because of these services! Your skill, professionalism and caring are greatly appreciated!  I fell on cement steps one icy evening in February. I jammed my back and left side including my leg and arm. I crawled into the house. I spoke with you the next day and got an appointment that afternoon. I was nervous about the acupuncture - needles make me crazy - but I was so stiff and sore I was ready to try. I knew that doing nothing would only prolong my recovery and the pain would continue. At your office, you put me at ease, I had immediate confidence in your abilities. I also had results! I was amazed at how well I felt after one treatment and how well I was able to move. Another friend of mine commented that she had fallen a year ago and she was just now feeling better and here I was doing so well after the first treatment. You recommended 6 treatments - 3 closer together and the next three further apart. By the end of the treatments I was moving well and feeling well. I highly recommend you to my family and friends! I am certainly glad that our paths have crossed."
Joy Young Berteotti - CPA - West Sunbury, PA 
"As a Gastroparesis sufferer I have recieved nothing, but bad news from all my doctors and not one recommended Acupuncture. I have a very severe case of gastroparesis where 1 scrambled egg takes over 3 hours just to leave the stomach. Because of the severe nausea, weakness, and mental stress of it all I had reached a point of not knowing what to do except to do my own internet research in the alternative medical field. After much reading I found an article stating there was some success with acupuncture in conjunction with appropriate herbal supplement to increase the stomach's motility. I did a search for herbal formulas and found a few I felt comfortable with and ordered them. I also maintained a reasonable diet experimenting with what foods worked for me and what not to eat at certain times. I had some relief, but was still very unhappy and quite sick. I then found Kelly on the web and decided to try the acupuncture feeling it could be that missing key I needed.  Let me tell you I was not wrong.  Kelly, aside from being a very kind and compassionate person, is a very well trained and qualified practitioner that I have the absolute trust in.  The atmosphere was extremely relaxing and pleasant and though the treatments really don't take that long once the needles are inserted the results were nothing less than miraculous for me. I was so bad that the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic actually recommended possibly removing my stomach.!  After the course of treatments I chose I was like a new person.  I was not cured, but my quality of life was vastly improved and I even enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner this year with no problem. Kelly will be a part of my treatment regimen when I need a touch up from now on and I will pass on any surgery."
David Fox - Student - New Castle, PA 
"When I first met Kelly my health was struggling to say the least. I was in a car accident which caused severe muscle, nerve and skeletal damage. I ended up having surgery to repair two collapsed vertebrae. The operation was traumatic. They had to cut a three inch incision into my neck, build cages for the collapsed vertebrae, add screws, clean up arthritis and remove bone spurs on my vertebrae as well as my shoulder blades. I had swelling at C7 which impacted my arm and that arm would become dislocated on a weekly basis. When Kelly began working on me I was taking high doses of pain killers every two to four hours. My nervous system and emotional state were in severe shock. I was getting very little sleep. My arm would lay twisted and unusable and there was a constant pain and numbness to my arm. I had trouble holding up my head and often had to wear a neck brace. My vertebrae took on an "S" shape, creating a curvature to my back. My right shoulder and hip slumped as much as an inch off making it very difficult to walk.
After my first treatment I had a great sense of balance and peace. The right arm that lay twisted, I could now move with ease and less pain. The treatments helped control the inflammation which increased my mobility. Within two weeks I was completely off the pain medication with the help of acupressure pads in my ears to control and subside the pain.
My operation took place in early October and I started treatments in early November for six weeks straight. Although I continue to heal from the accident, I do feel that Kelly was a crucial part in my recovery road. I highly recommend Kelly for acupuncture and healing on many different levels.
Thank you,"
Monica - Lancaster, PA

"Five months ago I was diagnosed with a bulging disc affecting my sciatic nerve on the left side. I suffered with pain in my hip and down my leg. The pain was so intense that I had trouble walking, even for short distances. I was unable to sleep in my bed and had to sleep in a lounge chair. Upon my initial diagnosis I was scheduled to be seen by the pain specialists at the pain clinic, but not for another 4 months. In the mean time I was prescribed pain medication and physical therapy as well as a cortisone injection. That first month I had no relief. The pain medicine did not help. At the end of this first month I heard of Kelly. My first visit she spent a great deal of time discussing my medical history and helping me understand how acupuncture could help me. She was kind and compassionate making me feel so comfortable. I arrived at my first visit bent over in pain, using a walker. My second visit a few days later I was using only a cane. Within a week I was almost pain free and walking with out a walker or a cane and sleeping in my bed again. A month and a half later, I called for another appointment because I was having some discomfort on my right side. After one treatment I was feeling so much better.
Now, five months have passed since my initial diagnosis and the beginning of my pain. I recently saw Kelly for two additional treatments( a total of five treatments all together). I had been doing many summer outside jobs and I felt that the pain was returning. After these last two treatments I am feeling good. I had other treatments from other doctors but I believe with all my heart that Acupuncture played a significant role in my recuperation. In addition, Kelly helped me on one of my treatment days with a sinus issue. I walked into her office with sinus pressure and walked out without any pressure. I truly could not believe it. I also asked if Acupuncture would help me control my appetite. She said, "Yes". Since the last two treatments I have noticed that I am not as hungry as I usually am. I will let you know in the future if I lose weight, still too soon to know yet."
Extremely Grateful
Marjorie Broad - Schoolteacher - Butler, PA

“I have told Kelly over and over again how she is my "ANGEL." Kelly has been working with me on several medical conditions since she opened her practice in November 2008. I first met Kelly as I was suffering from plantar fasciitis. I had several months of physical therapy on my foot and nothing was working. The podiatrist wanted to complete surgery and I refused. I was in severe pain and I could not walk. I had made an appointment with Kelly and we started acupuncture treatment. Within 2 month I was walking and pain free. Kelly was very professional and informative during my treatments. I felt very comfortable working with her. I continue to see Kelly for massage therapy and acupuncture for stress. This has been so beneficial to my health as my PCP wanted to prescribe medication. Kelly has also completed acupuncture on my knee. I could not bend or kneel on my knee. After a few treatments, again I was pain free. I came to Kelly another time as I was working in my garden and came across some angry ground bees. I was stung several times in the face. Kelly completed acupuncture and within hours the swelling had gone down.  Currently Kelly is working with my chiropractor as I had an injury in January. The MRI showed that I have 2 bulging discs. I was not able to stand, sit or walk without severe pain. After a few weeks of acupuncture and chiropractic care I am almost pain free and heading back to work.  And this is why I call Kelly my "ANGEL" .” 
T E - Butler, PA

"Having suffered from chronic sciatic hip and leg pain since a work related injury two years ago, I was exhausted from trying to disguise my pain. After completing physical therapy, meds for pain, and a year of chiropractic care (which only reduced the pain temporarily) I needed a new plan.  I started exercising with weights and taking longer walks, still ignoring the pain.  I knew that I was working toward a goal, but had to find a way to eliminate the pain.  A friend suggested that I try acupuncture. After the first treatment, I felt 100% better that day then even worse that night.  I  returned the next week and we discussed the outcome of my first visit.  After the second visit I felt totally rejuvenated, pain free and all sciatic discomfort had diminished!  We were both excited that I had such a quick response to treatment.  My plan includes regular visits with Kelly to keep my body tuned up.  It is refreshing to find a practitioner that follows a holistic approach, and has a keen ear for listening."
P.R. Moore, Mars, PA

"While living in Los Angeles I had the good fortune to be treated by some great acupuncturists. I was hoping that one day, I would find a practitioner here in Western PA that was comparable. I am happy to say that person is Kelly Newkirk-Marra. Her very detailed intake, her soothing and effective treatments, and her very warm and professional manner combine to make  her an excellent acupuncturist."
Eileen Stroup, IT Professional, Butler, PA

"Kelly's technique is a combination of strength and sensitivity. Her calm personal style makes the whole experience therapeutic as well as restful. In addition to enjoying the treatment while it is happening (as well as afterward), Kelly makes you aware of the long term benefits of regular massage, her work is so good you become a believer.

Valerie Adami - Dir.Weist-Barron School, NYC

"Kelly Marra is an intuitive healer. She has an acute awareness of both the physical anatomy of the body as well as the energetic spirit of the body. Through her gifted hands she has helped me find balance in both elements of myself. Pennsylvania is lucky to have her! I miss her terribly! "
Jen - Massage Therapist, NYC

"I had heard a lot of good things about Acupuncture but never knew who to turn to.
Kelly has great credentials. Her treatment room is really nice and provides an atmosphere that makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed.
I was surprised at how well she applied the needles...I could barely feel it!
The combination of Acupuncture and Massage really helped my neck and shoulder pain and I'm looking forward to further focused treatment for arthritis in my knees."

Doug Hammer, WSI Internet Consultant, Butler PA